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Buckinghamshire Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation services

Elevate your web presence with expert web design and SEO services. Adaptive, creative & bespoke solutions for Buckinghamshire businesses and brands.

Web Design & SEO With Burnwood Studio

Looking for a design refresh for your Wix or Squarespace website? Struggling to get the engagement and interest your brand deserves? Not getting the search results or interactions you were hoping for? Burnwood Studio can certainly help with that.

Are you a business owner in Buckinghamshire looking to make a splash in the online world?

Burnwood Studio is here to boost your online presence with creative web design and SEO services tailored specifically for your business in Buckinghamshire and beyond.

Reach out today to start the process of creating your dream website!

Burnwood takes pride in delivering high-quality websites that are not only visually stunning but also user-friendly and effective at achieving your goals on mobile and desktop devices.

From personal experience, Burnwood understands how much is involved in running a business, and how many things there are to think and worry about – including winning new customers, advertising, staffing, doing your accounts, the cost and supply of materials and fuel... The list goes on!

Burnwood takes care of all of your Digital Marketing – not just your website, taking one huge job off your plate.

Website Design

Website design is like creating the storefront of your online business or personal brand. It's where aesthetics meet functionality, ensuring that your visitors feel welcomed, informed, and eager to engage. Burnwood Studio's goal is to blend eye-catching visuals with seamless navigation, making it easy for your audience to explore and connect with your content. Whether you're starting from scratch or revamping an existing site, we're here to transform your ideas into a captivating online experience that leaves a lasting impression. Let's build something amazing together!

SEO And Google

At Burnwood not just about creating visually stunning websites; we're also passionate about ensuring your online presence gets the attention it deserves. One crucial aspect of this is SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and Google optimization. Essentially, SEO is the magic ingredient that helps your website climb the ranks in search engine results, making it more visible to potential customers. Google optimization, specifically, focuses on tailoring your site to meet Google's criteria for better ranking. Think of it as your website's passport to the top of Google's search results page! By incorporating SEO and Google optimization into our design process, we'll help your website shine bright in the vast digital landscape, attracting more visitors and ultimately driving business success.

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Website Maintenance

Think of it as tending to a well-manicured garden; just like plants need regular watering and pruning to flourish, your website requires ongoing care to stay fresh, secure, and performing at its best. Burnwood's maintenance services encompass everything from updating content to optimizing for speed and security, ensuring that your digital storefront remains inviting and functional for your visitors.

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How do Burnwood's web design services work?

It really is as simple as 1, 2, 3 to grow your business with web design and SEO services...


Intro Call & Quote

We chat about your business – your growth goals, answer any questions you may have, and then we send your free, no-obligation, personalised quote.


Build Website & Campaign

We design and build your professionally branded, SEO-optimised Trades / Service Website, and begin your Digital Marketing Campaign.


Your Business Grows

As your Website gets found on Google and your business’s Online Presence improves, you start to receive quality enquiries from customers in your target locations.

Does this work for you?

About Burnwood Studio

"After accumulating years and years of experience in design, photography, marketing and SEO in and around Buckinghamshire I wanted to create a hub of creativity, innovation, passion, and expertise. It's where ideas take flight and visions come to life to help brands and businesses grow and thrive. Welcome to Burnwood Studio!"

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FAQ's about Web Design & SEO with Burnwood Studio

How much does a website cost?

To answer this question, we firstly need to understand your specific requirements. We need to know what pages and functionality you are going to need, and what you want your website to deliver. Website pages and functionality: These would almost always include a Home Page; About Page (maybe with “Meet the Team”); Contact Us with a Contact Form; individual pages for each of your key Services (this is very important); ideally a page for Customer Reviews and Testimonials; and your GDPR pages (Cookie & Privacy Policies, and Website Terms of Use). Optionally, you may also need pages to display a Gallery of your work; Case Studies / Projects; Prices; Finance Options; a Quoting Tool like Truequote for Boiler Quotes, an Appointment Booking tool like Acuity Scheduling, or an Accommodation Booking Tool. You would usually need a Contact Form for people to make enquiries, but in some cases you may need more than one form – one for general enquiries and another for quotes, perhaps – maybe where people can upload photos or other documents. If you have a local business that covers multiple areas, we would recommend creating Geopages with unique content relevant to the target audience in each area, plus an Areas We Serve page. We usually do this once the new website is live, as part of our monthly SEO Service. Again, it is very important that this is done well – Google may well penalise duplicate and poor quality content. On-site search optimisation: Is it important for your website to be found on Google and the other search engines? Or are you just looking for a website you will send people to via flyers, business cards, offline adverts? The clients we work with are looking to be found on Google. So, when we design and develop Trades and Service Business websites, we ensure that they are fully optimised for Search. This means that our professional copywriters and SEO team ensure that all copy is written with both Google and – most importantly – the website user in mind, and that copy, headings, images, video, and the information that will be displayed in Google search results are all fully optimised. As you can imagine, this important work takes some time to do, but is absolutely invaluable in getting your website found. So, not investing in this when you are looking to buy a new website is a false economy. User experience: As important as everything else we have outlined above, is ensuring that your website looks great and works really well on Smartphones, Tablets and PCs, and is easy to for people to navigate and use. We make sure the site runs quickly, so that people don’t get fed up waiting for it to load, and go somewhere else. Our website pricing: To give you an idea of our own pricing for new websites for Trades and Service Businesses – that deliver on all of the above criteria – our pricing starts at around £1,400 for a professional, mobile-friendly, SEO’d website with a Home Page, 4 Service Pages, a Contact Page with Contact Form, your GDPR Pages and links to your Social Media. All of our prices are subject to VAT. How much does Website Hosting, Support and Maintenance cost? When you are considering the price of your new website, it is very important to also investigate the ongoing support services – including your website’s hosting, backups, security, updates and maintenance, and customer support. How much does this cost, and what is / isn’t included? All of this varies dramatically from company to company. There are certainly very cheap hosting options available, but as with everything you buy, you tend to get what you pay for. The cheaper options may require you to keep everything updated yourself, may not come with backups or security, and may not provide super fast website speeds. Often, all support is by email, livechat (often not manned by real people) or a Support ticketing system, and response times may not be quick. All of our Trades and Service Business websites come with our “Monthly Website Care Package”. This provides fast, high-quality hosting, nightly backups, website security and security monitoring. We regularly check that your website is running as it should be, and keep plugins and the backend of the website updated for you. No need for you to worry about a thing! Our friendly team is also on hand to support you, Monday to Friday 9am to 5:30pm – by phone if your prefer. And, as part of our “Monthly Website Care Package”, we offer up to 30 minutes of our time to carry out minor content updates, such as adding new photos to your gallery (which we carefully optimise, resize, rename and geotag – basically ensuring that they are fully SEO-optimised) or uploading new customer testimonials. If there is an issue with your website, we will get it resolved for you – you can rest assured. We charge £30 per month for this complete service (excluding support for any 3rd party applications, like booking systems – which we can do – we just charge for this, as you would expect).

How long does it take for SEO to work?

This is one of the questions Burnwood gets asked a lot by new and current clients. It is impossible to give a “one-size-fits all” definitive answer, as there are so many factors, including: your industry and how competitive this is; your budget and how much you are able to invest; the age and authority of your domain – just to give a few examples. From the get go, Burnwood always aim to be 100% transparent, so we say to allow around 6 months to start to see results. Any less than this, and we are not giving things a chance to work. Sometimes we see results very quickly, but SEO is not meant to be a quick fix, but part of your ongoing business growth strategy. It will work – but we need to put in the hard graft on your part before we will see the benefits. At Burnwood, you don’t get tied into a contract or set a minimum term for your SEO Service, but we do ensure that you understand the process before we begin work for you. You only need to look at our clients’ positions on Google to know that our SEO Service works!

Is it possible to stop and start SEO?

Clients we work with often ask ” Can we stop and start SEO?” The primary goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is clear: we want to attract more organic traffic to your website and increase your website’s visibility, ultimately leading to more leads, conversions, and revenue. So not really (if you want to do it well)… SEO is not a one-time task but an ongoing process. If you’re not doing it, then your competitors will be: Your competitors are likely investing in SEO just like you. They’re working hard to outperform you in search results and win the attention of potential customers. You need to keep up with your SEO efforts to avoid falling behind and losing valuable traffic to your competitors. Google loves new content: Search engines like Google favour websites that provide fresh, relevant, and valuable content to their users. This means that your content needs to be regularly updated to maintain or improve your search ranking. Consistently updating your website with new and engaging content not only satisfies search engine algorithms but also keeps your audience engaged. Ongoing SEO efforts will help you identify the most effective types of content to create and ensure that your content is well-optimised for search engines. Search Engines are constantly changing: Search engines like Google continuously evolve, fine-tuning their algorithms to provide users with the best search results. What worked in the past may not work today, and what’s effective now might not be in the future. So, regular updates to your SEO strategy are vital to ensure your website is always up to date with the latest search engine updates. The importance of ongoing SEO cannot be overstated. It’s a dynamic and ever-evolving field that demands constant attention. By staying up to date with search engine algorithm changes, outperforming your competitors, adapting to shifting user behaviour, and regularly updating your content, you can achieve and maintain a robust online presence.

Do you only work with Buckinghamshire businesses?

Due to Burnwood Studio being based in Plymouth, as you might expect, lots of our clients are local. Burnwood works with service, trades businesses and brands up and down the UK from our studio in Buckinghamshire. We are fully set up to meet new remote clients via video call and available to call between Monday and Friday 9am-5pm to answer your questions, take a booking or provide support, wherever they are in the UK. Burnwood also loves a coffee meetup so a local coffee shop or a place to have a drink is also a welcome option!

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